Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Counter Quick-Fix Clear-Up



So far this maternity leave can be defined by two things: fighting Soph to keep her from killing her brother/me/herself and sitting on the couch devouring old blog posts on iheartorganizing while engaged in the hideous cylce of breastfeed-bottlefeed-pump. Then of course inspiration strikes for streamlining/decluttering/pretty-ifying our own space, and Jon gets commanded to do some ridiculous task the minute he walks in the door at 5 because I can't actually do anything, I'm always holding a baby.

It's funny how you can live with a mess for so long you don't even see it. And when you clear it up, ohman, you can suddenly breathe. It did, at one point, make sense to have these various things out on the counter, but let's be honest about how much I'm rocking the stand mixer these days, the coffee grinder is an eyesore, and getting those knives onto the magnetic strip (ikea) not only clears up counter space but moves them further from the grabby hands of waist-high little ones. We tossed a few things, as well as retrofitting some cabinets with ikea pull-out drawers, to make room for these things out of sight.

Expect a lot more of these little updates from me. I don't have the hands free right now for sewing, but mini spruce-ups are making me feel creative and productive and in control, and that's important for the whole family.  You know what they say, "When Mama's not happy..."


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