Friday, November 7, 2014


Hey look, some sewing at last!  At the bottom of Soph's quilt is some embroidery: "To Sophia, Love Mama and Grandma Carole."  Wes's quilt was done before he was born (miracle!) except for this would have been hard for my mother to do the embroidery since I wouldn't reveal his name to her.  Now I get to play with scraps to create a fun place to put the signature.

I used fabric marker to sketch the boats onto a double layer of white, then freehand cut. I'll sew them together and hand them over to the expert for some embroidery, and then we can wrap up the quilt...which has already been taken over by Wes's big sister, in her big-girl bed.

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  1. Have you and your mom always sewn together, or is it a skill you learned after leaving home? I am jealous of your quilt-making. I treasure the quilts I have that were made by my great-great-grandmother, but I imagine it is even more special to have a quilt made especially for you. They are going to treasure them for life!