Friday, January 30, 2015

Elbow-Patch Oslo Cardi

I am seriously loving this new make! I'd been eyeing this black sweater knit, in my stash from my NYC trip a few years ago, for a long cardi. I'd planned to self-draft, but then Colette's Oslo serendipitously hit my inbox and it was meant to be!

I (and my post-partum shape-shifting body) am loving long loose cardigans for this season, and the elbow patches really elevate this baby with a fashion-forward tribal pattern. (I'll walk you through how I added them in a tutorial post, coming soon.)

A few other modifications were necessary, to tinker with the fit. The cuffs were about double the circumference I needed, and after I cut them down I gathered the sleeves into them. The back was also very wide, making this a wee bit (a lot bit) more drop-shoulder than intended, and so I took a tuck at the nape of the neck to bring the shoulders closer--impossible to photograph, sorry :(.

With the sizing issues and unpicking this loose fabric proving to be -ahem- unpleasant, this was far from the advertised 2-hour project, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

 I took care with the insides, finishing the shoulder seams with black stretch elastic and double-zigzag-stitching all of the other seams to bind them. As a result, the insides are polished and delicious, and I'm hoping for a good long wear out of this despite the thinner-than-I'd-like fabric and the presence of two tiny clothing destroyers in my house.

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