Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Introducing the Chez Napier Shop!

So much has been happening behind the scenes here at Chez Napier, and I am so fluttery-in-my-belly-excited to announce the opening of the Chez Napier shop! The shop will be taking over my old domain, cheznapier.com, and you can now find the blog here at blog.cheznapier.com.

I am so thrilled to begin to bring you high quality fabrics, notions, fabrics, and kits, passionately culled and curated for your sewing pleasure.  The goal of the Chez Napier shop is to be a destination that you can trust, to take the guesswork out of online fabric shopping, to consistently deliver a fabulous product, textile yumminess to your door.

The shop is still a baby, currently we're stocking some choice suiting fabrics for your winter skirt, slack, and jacket needs.  Check back soon for our first kit! Without spoiling the surprise, I can tell you that it involves the words "silk challis" and is going to help you achieve a professional-quality result with your sewing.

Keep following along on the blog for more shop developments, as well as sewing, capsule wardrobes, and the continued photobombs by babies Napier.

Dreams are coming true, people!


  1. Best of luck to the Chez Napier Shop!!! If I could sew, I'd be all over it!

    1. Aw, thanks Elise! I've had a couple people ask me for private sewing lessons in the past few days, perhaps I'll become a slammin' sewing instructor and you can que up for lessons :)