Monday, February 9, 2015

Thrift Blouse Refashion

This navy blouse has been sitting in my refashion pile for quite a while.  I picked it up at the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop because I liked the color and it was too big, so I figured there was wiggle room to fix any issues.  Here's the original:

Boxy with a very unflattering string tie "belt" placed way too low.  Whose design call was this??

I took it in a lot at the sides and am pretty happy with the fit, but the casing for the drawstring remained and needed to be covered.  I used another thrift shirt, a men's striped button-up, to make a belt, encasing a length of grosgrain ribbon for some structure and using a clasp from my NYC shopping trip.

I made some bias tape with more of the striped shirt--have you used this method to make your own bias tape? It's genius! A bit fiddly to start but you can customize it to any size and it's FREE! Just pin a straight pin or safety pin to your ironing board cover in two places, as far apart as you want the tape to be wide.  Fold the edges in to start it, feed it under, and press it as you pull it through!

I used the bias tape to add some sass to the inside of the collar in order to tie in the belt.

I'm happy with it, though I don't think this will be my favorite make.  I like it better under the cardigan.

Also, THIS:

I KNOW, RIGHT?!  Wesley is 5 months old!

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