Friday, February 6, 2015

Winter 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

I have been crushing on the whole capsule wardrobe trend for a year,  but until recently mine had been confined to a pin board: pregnancy is a forced "capsule" wardrobe of maternity hand-me-downs and whatever-fits.  I am excited to say I'm jumping on the bandwagon, committing to a limited wardrobe for winter, no buying extras!

I've actually been using this capsule for a month before I could get around to photographing it all, and I can tell you that it's really working for me! It's a study in basics, but I actually feel like I'm better-dressed than usual because I know I love the pieces I'm reaching for. I don't save my favorites for "special" days and everything goes together.

The formula this season had to be very friendly to my fluctuating post-baby body and to my breastfeeding/pumping: skinny jeans or leggings; tee, tunic or blouse; and a cardi. Or skinny jeans and a sweater. Add "euro" tennies or low boots, and earrings. My very clever hubby gave me three pairs of pearl stud earrings for Christmas and they make me feel pretty and polished but are so far not tempting for tiny hands to grab--all other accessories are going to be off-limits for another year unless I want them yanked off by Wesley's grabby hands, so the earrings are making the outfits for now.

I didn't commit to a particular number of items, just curated until it seemed complete.

I ended up with...

3 tees and a tunic
From Top Left: Striped tee Karen Scott, Tunic Charter Club, Tees Abound

4 blouses

Navy blouse thrift refashion, Bird blouse Style&Co, Green blouse thrift, Blue tuxedo shirt J Crew
3 long cardies

Black mine, Grey Olivia Sky, Brown LOFT

2 sweaters

Black Ann Taylor, Red Banana Republic

2 pairs of skinnies, 2 leggings

Jeans both refashioned into skinnies using the method I described here, black and navy leggings Old Navy Maternity

A stack of maternity and nursing undershirts

Boots and shoes (and snow boots, which I like to pretend don't exist until absolutely necessary)

Boots Target, Kicks Nike Recycled

Three pairs earrings, quick-dry (i.e. Mama-friendly) nailpolish, and a rainbow of fitbit bands.

Earrings Overstock, Nails CND Vinylux no-light gel polish, fitbit bands

Counting just clothes, it's 17 pieces. I would never think I'd be happy with so little but getting dressed is easy and I always feel pretty. I didn't include workout duds, which I wear almost every day (shoutout Stroller Strides!) and I spared you a pic of my dainties drawer which I am obviously not counting.

So there you have it, Winter 2015 Capsule Wardrobe. I'll only wear these things for the season, January-March. I won't buy new, though new handmade items are of course welcome!

I am so excited for this! It feels fresh, my closet feels clean, and I feel stylish (in a Mom sort of way). 


  1. I love this. I need to declutter my life.

    1. Yes! My closet is gloriously empty! I haven't cleaned out my clothes yet because I want to wait until I fit them all before deciding I'm ready to get rid of them, but I packed everything away and my closet is only clothes I want to reach for. It's awesome!

  2. Yay! I need this too! I'd love to see some outfit posts? Plus how's the gel nail p going?

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely do an outfit follow-up once I have sime pictures accumulated. The gel polish is pretty good--it dried to rock-hard in 9 minutes as promised which was amazing and it was also very easy to take off. Chip free about 4-5 days the first time I used it (it promised a week) but with it being so easy to change and so quick to dry, I'm fine having to redo it every 5 days :)