Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bow-Tie Toddler Tunic

Friends, I am clearing the decks around here, tying up mending and works-in-progress that have been sitting around for far too long. This little tunic was a dress I started last summer, but now that Soph has grown taller, a tunic it is!

The dress started with the fabric: I had to have it for the math symbols and bow ties, and I knew my girl would like the glasses. The pattern is self-drafted, and I think I used part of a tutorial for how to cut the arms, but I can't now remember (gosh, what a helpful post this is...)

I cut out one of the bow ties from the leftover fabric, applied fusible interfacing to the back, and gathered the middle to give it some structure for a little detailing. 

The fabric originally felt Dr. Who-inspired to me, but while I was finishing it up yesterday I had the Big Bang Theory theme stuck in my head over and over :). 

Soph says "I like these green sunglasses you put on my dress Mama," but I think it will look much better if I can get her to lose the fleece pajama shirt. 

The straight seams are frenched, the arms finished with bias tape, and the neckline is turned under twice to make the elastic channel. Hopefully this will mean it's sturdy enough to hand down to cousins when we're through with it...sewing for kids is so frustrating to me because the little buggers have the nerve to grow out of my precious makes! 

What about you? Do you sew more for yourself or your sweet Littles?

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