Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Finished Silk Challis Oakridge!

Friends, I am loving this blouse! The fabric is divine to work with, and the fit of the pattern was basically made just for me.

I made a straight size 4, and the only modification I needed was to lengthen the torso by 2"--don't forget to lengthen the button band too!--and to add one more button for that length (the kit comes with an extra just for this!).

I think this blouse will be great for spring, with jeans or a dark denim or grey skirt. I'm also excited to see it peeking out from behind a lightweight white cardi (ya know, once I'm into my spring capsule wardrobe and have a white cardi...).

The insides are lovely too, all french seamed of course. Hi I'm Elise and I'm addicted to frenching! (Ooh la la...)

I've previously been intimidated by button-front blouses, but sewaholic's directions were clear and concise and I really enjoyed making this. I was impressed at how well the details came together: the topstitched button band and the sleeve placket in particular. I think these things really elevate the blouse.

What do you think, friends? What details bring a garment from homemade to handmade?

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