Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Update

Brunch date with my love

Friends, what percentage of your closet gets worn? How many items do you reach for day after day?

I packed away all but the bits I love best at the beginning of January and I am loving the capsule wardrobe! What I put together for winter is all pretty basic, but clearing everything out of my closet except what inspires me right now means that I always leave the house feeling put-together and liking what I'm wearing. Getting dressed is a snap too, and I'm surprisingly not bored.

(This was the day I thought "maybe it's time to not wear a cardigan...")

Out with the girls

What you don't see here are lots of workout clothes, which I try to bust out almost every day. I'm definitely ready for a workout clothes upgrade, so maybe next season I'll share that half of my wardrobe as well...

The glamorous life: at the pediatrician

Sophie is frequently my photographer, so I think these snaps are pretty good, considering!

What about you, friends? Are you ready to clear out your closet for spring?

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