Thursday, May 21, 2015

Denim Skirt

Friends, I finished my Pleated Pencil Skirt and I couldn't be more pleased! I used denim I purchased in NYC--love using souvenir fabric, such a trip down memory lane!

Here's a closeup of the kick pleat, it turned out so well!

I did modify the pattern a bit: I straightened it out from a true pencil skirt by going up in size below the hips, and also ended up having to take in the hips quite a bit as it gave me some pretty dramatic saddle bags.  I hemmed right at knee length and I think I really hit the look I was going for right on!

Here are my inspiration looks:

via / via

This pattern really impressed me. I'm never excited to print and tape a PDF pattern, but the skirt is cleverly constructed from just two pattern pieces, and so this chore was pretty painless.  The kick pleat turned out well and the instructions for zipper and lining made these elements work so gorgeously! I zig-zagged all my raw edges and they're all sandwiched between the lining and main fabric, so the guts are as nice as the outside which makes me beam ear-to-ear.

I even hand sewed an invisible hem, a careful step totally out of character for me.

My only hiccup was that I had to re-make the lining three times! It kept coming out too small...maybe because I have so much help when I sew??

Friends do you hand-sew your details or do you avoid it at all costs? I found myself without a thimble, that's how little I hand sew, and I classily improvised one with band-aids around my thumb.  Does anyone have a favorite thimble? Should I get metal, plastic, or leather? Please advise!


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  2. I never use a thimble as I find them bulky and in the way. That being said , I have very rough fingertips now! But your skirt is wonderful and I think you got it just right!

    1. Thank you Melissa! I always found the same thing--in the way! Do I need someone to teach me how to use a thimble properly? Is there thimble technique? The mind reels...