Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pencil Skirt Muslin

Hi Friends, I muslin'ed it up for my Pleated Pencil Skirt and I am really glad I did! For the muslin I recycled an old skirt I made out of quilting cotton (the horror!) that wasn't getting any wear.

(Sophie took these pictures.  I think such high-quality photography really elevates the whole blog, non?)

It fits pretty well. Changes will include 1) make front darts slightly more shallow so it's not quite so oh hai pubic bone. 2) take in a hair of width around the "saddle bag" department. (Gee this is just a super flattering discussion)

3) add some length to the bafflingly short waistband. I don't blame the pattern, I think it may have printed out wrong. (Shakes fist at pdf patterns). 

I'm so excited to make this up in the denim!

Now you: how often do you muslin? Have you ever recycled a "fail" for spare parts?

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