Monday, May 18, 2015

Sequins/Date Night

You guys, I love this sequin shirt so hard! Unexpected, considering I've owned it for two years and never worn it. A purchase of peer pressure ("oh my gosh you will wear that all the time!") this beauty has languished in my closet for two years because I didn't have the balls (labia?) to wear it. 

Enter: capsule wardrobe! Having already worn everything else in my spring wardrobe and wanting something fresh for date night, it was easy to pair the sequins with my beignet skirt and a jean jacket. Throw on boots and anything's an outfit, non?

It was amazing, also, to have a chance to paint the town red (in that get-home-in-time-to-put-the-babes-to-bed kind of way) with my love. 

It's good for my soul to know that, even when we act like roomies 98% of the time due to sheer exhaustion, we can still gab for three hours without pause.

 It's good for my marriage to get a bit tipsy together and flirt. 

And it's good for my kids to know that my marriage comes first. 

I just hope my better half doesn't mind too much that so much of date night is consumed by me demanding "take a pic of my outfit!" :)

When was the last time YOU got out? Be honest...


  1. I love YOU so hard! And this whole post (labia? That slayed me.) And the fact that you put that glitter top to good use. :)

    I agree with it all. Before we had kids I had a conversation with Jared that I disagree with people who say "our kids always come first." Yeah, I love my kids and want what's best for them, but what is best for them is to grow up in a household with two happily married parents.

    We don't get out as much as I'd like, but we have made more of an effort recently. Our anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks and we are planning a two day getaway. It will be somewhere in-state, but I want to make it a tradition to at least go away for one night and go somewhere we have never been before. We did it last year and it was amazing. I felt refreshed because we got to be Vanessa and Jared for awhile instead of just Mom and Dad.

    1. Vanessa, aw, thanks girl! I have not forgotten your challenge: glitter top with aqua pants. I'm working on it... ;)

      And yes, I don't want to hate on single parents because there are a ton of them doing an amazing job, but for MY family, the pecking order is 1) my marriage, 2) the kids, 3) me and Jon.

      I am in awe that you are making plans for a just-you getaway for your anniversary! I'm anxious to hear all about it! I think it's a great plan to really commit to it. I have a friend going to Paris for her 10th for like 10 days and I'm basically going to live vicariously through her stories when she gets home!