Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Manifesto

Hi Friends!

There are lots of adorable ideas for planning out an eye-catching summer to-do list on pinterest, and I love them all...but this isn't one of them.

Our summer musts were scratched out on a weekend morning over waffles and soy lattes, using the first pad of paper that came to hand. 

I taped them to the wall next to the calendar so that I wouldn't forget: I have lots of to-do lists, tidying and cleaning and fixing the yard and fixing the roof and making my shop bad ass... but this summer I'm setting my priorities right here.  Ann Arbor summer festival, trips to western Michigan to see old friends, lots of hikes, bike rides, running through the sprinkler, eating outside, hitting up the Zoo.  Loving on my babies so hard we never forget this summer.

And cocktails.  I just realized I didn't put cocktails on the list.  Maybe that needs it's own list...

Friends, what are your summer plans?

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