Monday, July 27, 2015

Hemming Knits With Fusible Stay Tape

Friends! I want to share with you my favorite method of hemming knits, using fusible knit stay tape. (Oh hey what a coink-ey-dink, our new Emmeline Knit Tee Kit comes with a generous length of knit stay tape so you can try this out!)

Knit stay tape is fusible on one side.  When you are ready to hem your garment, line up the tape on the wrong side of the hem edge, fusible (rough) side down:

Press using medium heat for about a count of 10:

Pin up your hem, using the edge of stay tape as a guide:

Now you can just sew your hem, using a stretchy stitch such as a zigzag.  I like to use a twin needle for a more professional-looking finish. This tool gives you a double line of stitching on the front and stretchy zig-zag stitching on the back:

Fusible knit stay tape will give you a quick, clean finish to your garments. Friends, have you tried this method?

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