Thursday, August 13, 2015

KonOffice: I tidied the craft department and it felt GOOD!


Friends, I had been dreading KonMarie'ing my office, but it wasn't as bad as I expected and the results left me with permagrin that has lasted for weeks. 

After our first installment of the magical art, I stalled out a bit.  This really is an impossible task without a serious chunk of undisturbed time, and by undisturbed I mean BABY FREE. I finally found such a day and I attacked the office.  I was so lucky to have Jon install these beautiful ikea cabinets and countertops into our spare room a few years ago, but I had shamefully let it grow ever more useless as I piled junk on every available surface.

The office has three work stations: a computer station under the window, a scrapbook station in one corner, and a sewing station in another. (I know, I know, back off ladies, he's mine!) I focused mostly on the sewing department this time through.

The "before" pics are shameful, folks, but I am baring my soul here so please don't judge.


cringe!  The fabric is spilling off of the shelves, the floor space is taken over by that lamp we don't use and some ugly plastic drawer towers. Most projects, when completed, just got swept to the side when the excitement of a new project took hold.  I frequently vowed to clean up after each project was completed, but with no where concrete for things to go, that always felt too arduous so I just...didn't.

I ditched about 5 paper grocery bags of fabric, projects, knickknacks, and papers that didn't bring me joy. The rest got moved around: patterns out of the drawers and into folders in the magazine boxes on the shelves, fabric folded properly and into the drawers, thread racked and hung on the thread rack I've been meaning to instal for ages.

Supplies for my current project live in the black box next to the sewing machine, other random stuff (glues, interfacings, mending pile) got grouped and popped into old boxes, which were washi-labled and shelved.  My current quilt project lives in the metal bin on the far right of the shelves, also washi-labled.  I didn't spend a dime, just put similar items into any available container and labeled it.  And I think it looks rather spectacular.

fabric before are you an animal?!

fabric after

The fabric got konmarie-folded so I can see everybody. Craft fabrics in the middle drawer, garment fabrics on the bottom.

patterns before

Patterns were extra ridiculous due to the fact that they never fit back into their envelopes, do they? And since I usually trace mine, I like to keep the traced pattern together with the original.  I would put all components into a labeled ziplock, which then got tossed into this drawer, never to be heard from again. 

They now live in folders I had hanging around, one folder for each pattern and all it's extra "stuff", plus a folder each for unused top, bottom, and dress patterns. Washi tape labels, obvs.

The top drawer houses notions and tools. Over time I collected empty boxes from cereal and tea. I emptied the drawer, cut the boxes down to drawer height and fit them in like a puzzle.  Then all the tools were grouped into categories and fit into whichever box was the right size.  The old prescription bottle holds broken/used needles and pins so my kids can't find them. This may not be the prettiest thing but to me it is beautiful.

You guys, this took a lot of time but was not nearly as hard as I expected.  I thought it would be super overwhelming, and there was that leap of faith when you have taken everything out and the room looks 100 times worse, but generally I just kept going one thing at a time and I am so so happy I did.

Working in this space is a treat. I feel less rushed, less thrown together. I know where to find everything, switching out needles, grabbing the right presser foot, comparing fabrics...all my tasks now fill me with joy. I deserve to live in spaces that make me feel like I can breathe (and so do you!).  Friends, please tell me, what are you konmarie'ing??

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