Monday, August 17, 2015

Quilted Letter Birthday Presents

Friends, I am ridiculously addicted to these quilted letters! They are quick, fun, and make the perfect little something for all the friends in our lives turning one this season!

Honestly, I usually don't do kid birthday gifts, but I cannot get enough of these satisfying little cuties. (And younger siblings need something that's all theirs, so a name gift is even better for Wesley's little friends!)

I sandwiched together minky fabric, then a layer of thin batting, then quilting cotton.  I like a fabric marker called "Pictogram Pen", it disappears in a few hours!

I used a straight stitch with presser foot up (i.e. regular sewing) to do the outlines. 

For Annabelle's letters, I kept this setting all the way through, sewing straight lines inside the outlines for the quilting.

For Laney and Asha's letters, I decided to experiment with free motion quilting, a first for me.  I dropped the feed dogs and turned on my free motion setting, which lifts the presser foot between stitches, or keeps it up off the fabric all together when you go fast. Then I just squiggled this way and that, playing with scale and figuring out how to control speed and keep the stitches even.

This was a really fun way to play with free motion quilting for the first time, and I'm thrilled with the results! Be sure to do all your quilting before cutting out your letters so you have enough fabric to hold on to.

I first wrote about making a quilted alphabet here.

I want to absolutely give credit for this wonderful idea to Jessica at Happy Together here.

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  1. Nice to see your little miss helping with the pinning! The letters are so clever. The including your daughter in crafting is even more so!