Thursday, September 3, 2015


Friends, just about the moment my pink Emmeline was done I was ready to make another! The only problem was deciding which color :). (Fabric seller problems...) I just got this blue in and it was love at first sight (and buttery soft touch!).

I made version A again because I love it so...adding 2" of length as I do for pretty much all tops.

This time I added a narrow zigzag of topstitching around the neckline to hold down the seam allowance, plus I swapped out my normal double needle hem with a plain old zigzag--it doesn't look quite as profesh but it does avoid the ridge that the double needle seems to create.

I'm so happy with this version of course, I wore it three days in a row before it's first wash! (That's not weird, right?)  Fancied up for my birthday dinner...

And dressed down for what is basically my Mom Uniform this summer, short-shorts, slouchy tee and pearl earrings...

Friends, tell me please, what's on your sewing table?

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