Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Quilt for Baby "Pizza"

Who has two thumbs and freemotion quilted a whole baby quilt??   This girl!

As you can see, my newfound obsession with freemotion quilting has soared to the next level. As soon as I finished my quilted letters I was itching for more. We took a quick trip to my local quilting store, where I scored this adorable bundle complete with mummies, and I was set to go!

(Side note, whoever invented pre-made bundles has definitely shopped with a one-year-old! Best five minute shopping experience ever!)

I very much enjoyed this triangle quilt tutorial from EliseJoy, who shares my casual approach to quilting. This was a quick-ish project, which would have been a lot more quickish if I hadn't run into so many hurdles: blocks a half inch too small, tangled and breaking thread, a trip to the quilt store for a fancy-pants free motion foot, and some quilting that was so bad due to not using this foot that even I couldn't leave it.  

And yet, I loved this project.  The chain stitching, so satisfying! :

And something about the back of the quilt, I just wanted to frame it and hang it on the wall.  So beautiful!

The back of the blanket is a navy minky, the better for being tossed down outside without staining, and I have to throw out this pro tip: don't forget to pre-wash navy things!! I was so excited to throw this quilt in the wash when it was finished and imagine my horror when I pulled it out and the navy dye was seeping up through every one of the millions of tiny holes from the quilting! Seven washes with vinegar later, the navy was tamed, thank goodness!

This cozy blanket went to a baby boy whose in utero nickname was Pizza (and we're having trouble remembering to call him by his "real" name, now that he's born!). My hope for this quilt is that it gets loved to death: taken outside, dragged around, puked on, spilled on, thrown in the washer until it falls apart. When I make a gift for someone, I put so much love into it, thinking about the recipient while I work and create, and I always hope that they get that energy and love back out of it. 

I don't always have the time or the energy to craft for others. In fact, I rarely do! Crafting for others happens when inspiration strikes, and lots of friends and family have had babies with barely a bleary-eyed thumbs-up from me.  (Sorry y'all!). 

Friends, what kinds of gifts do you craft? How do you balance crafting for others and for yourself?

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