Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Monster Horns and Spikes Tutorial!

Friends, do you get to chose your own Halloween costume? Because this year we were informed by our fearles-leader-I-mean-toddler that we were all going to be monsters. "I am a pink monster, you are green, Wessey is blue and Daddy is orange."  Yes ma'am

I love comfy costumes with room for layers underneath, as October in Michigan is unpredictable at best. Thus, Hoodie monsters! This was so fun and easy to do, endlessly customizable, and so so comfy! I hope you'll grab a hoodie and some felt and play along!

Remember perfection is highly discouraged! :)


Fold felt (or another heavyish fabric) in half. Cut out a half-chocolate-kiss shape on the fold. Repeat as many times as you wish...get crazy and go for lots of horns! Go big or small, but I do recommend against horns as big as the orange one on Jon's hood, it was very difficult and unpleasant to squash under the sewing machine.

Using about 1/4" seam allowance, sew up the side of the horn, from fat to skinny end, leaving the straight side open.  Use a point turner/pencil/chop stick to turn horn right side out and poke out that pointy end. 

Stuff the horn with fiberfill, quilt batting, scrap fabric, or whatever. Use a small bit at first and get it way out to the end of that point, and then just fill'er'up.  Don't strive for perfection--the more lumpy and bumpy, the scarier! Stuff tightly, and leave the bottom half inch or so unstuffed. 

Position the horn on your hood. Mine is seam-side-out, causing it to curve inward. Fold the unstuffed edge under, pinch the fold, and pin it.  

Continue around, pinning so that the pointy ends of pins point counterclockwise, for easy removal while sewing. 

Using approximately 1/4" seam allowance, sew the pinched fabric down. Squash the horn away from where you are sewing to make room for the presser foot, stopping with needle down every half inch or so to turn and re-squash.

Repeat on the other side (or not...some monsters are rocking the one-horned look these days).


Cut two pieces of felt, each as long as you want your row of spikes. Press on interfacing (I used featherweight, use whatever you have) onto one piece, leaving 1 inch on the edge that will attach to your sweatshirt. 

Place the other piece of felt on top, sandwiching the interfacing between the two. Secure them together with a couple of pins, then "draw" your spikes on with a straight stitch. Do not extend your sewing onto the edge that you left without interfacing. Cut out the spikes, being careful the to cut through your stitches.

 Open the two layers of fabric on the end that didn't get sewn, and spread them out flat on your sweatshirt so the spikes stick up.  Sew down each side.

I used this technique for spikes down the back, on shoulders, and as hair on the hood.

Other construction notes!

Jon's ears are rounded triangles, I pinched them in half and then sewed the pinch about 1/3 of the way up.

Open them out and sew onto the hood.

Jon's pink hair is pipe cleaners zigzagged onto the back of his hood. Remember not to cut your pipe cleaners with fabric scissors, or the sewing gods will be after you!!

I cut a rectangle of felt and sewed it over the pipe cleaner stitching, to make them look better and also prevent poking from the ends.

The googly eyes and Soph's pom poms are hot glued on.

Teeth were cut in a long strip and just sewn to the underside of the hood. Make sure they don't extend down too far and interfere with your vision. 

Safety first!

Avoid using any choking hazards on costumes for little ones (googly eyes, pom poms, pokey pipe cleaners, etc.).  Wes's eyes and polka dots are felt, sewn securely on, and his horns are set back far enough that he won't notice them and pull them. 

I hate masks for Halloween, they narrow your vision too much. These hoodies are nice and open so you and your kids can see whatever spooks and ghouls are coming at you.

Also if you're planning to trick-or-treat after dark, consider attaching reflective fabric or blinking lights to your little monsters. 

Friends, what are you being for Halloween???

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