Monday, December 28, 2015

Around Here Christmas Edition

You guys this was the year I "got it" about having kids at Christmas.  Watching them open their presents, watching their excitement and Sophie's generosity and spending so much time made me feel all of the feels.

We're also really enjoying "inventing" new traditions, including cocoa and a movie on Christmas eve, and gifting the kids with ornaments every year.

These two lovies.  I mean seriously.

It's very important to us that we stay in our own home on Christmas, and not have to run around on various visits on Christmas day. We are lucky to have close family and we celebrated with different branches of the family in the week leading up, and then we were thrilled to host Christmas dinner at our home.

One special little challenge this year: toddler-proofing Christmas! This was a serious hiccup for us: Wesley is the kind of guy who busts through baby locks and climbs ladders. As much as I am attached to getting a real Christmas tree that we can enjoy from Thanksgiving all the way through till New Years, it would have caused more tantrums and timeouts this year than joy. We had to be a little creative, but I think we brought in the holiday spirit in ways that were mostly out of reach...

Most of our ornaments ended up in displays on the sideboard, hanging from garland above a window, and tucked onto various windowsills and in vases around the house.

I even crafted some new decorations! The felt-shingled trees and the stuffed scrap fabric tree wall hanging were put together to fill the holes I felt from the lack of Christmas tree.

But never think you've had the last laugh with a toddler around--SMASH!

Friends, I hope you had a wonderful holiday! 

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