Thursday, January 14, 2016

Steeplechase Leggings, Part 1

Friends before we can discuss activewear, have you seen the "Activewear" video?  Click right here to go watch it.  Seriously.  Go.  I'll wait.

Alrighty, welcome back. I freaking love that video.  As does Sophie, for that matter, who runs around yelling "going to preschool in my activeweah, doing linerally (sic) nothing in my activeweah!" (Sorry British people, that's how I spell your accent.  Hope that's cool.)

So anyhoo, since buying this delightful teal activeweah fabric on sale on Boxing Day, I have become a bit obsessed with making my own activewear. I got lost for a while down a rabbit hole of having to chose THE BEST LEGGING PATTERN ON THE INTERWEBS and never have I so thoughtfully considered the necessity of a crotch gusset and its importance to me. Close contenders included the Seamwork Magazine Aires leggings and the Ooh La Leggings from Papercut.

this is the "smooch dog" pose

I finally went for Fehr Trade's Steeplechase leggings, which I love for its lack of inseam. This pattern was FAST to put together, y'all.  Two ingenious pattern pieces, a leg piece and a waistband piece.  The curvey seam is mind-bending, just follow the directions and have faith. I added some top-stitching to accentuate the steam, some folks on the world wide web have gone so far as to put some piping in there to show it off, which I love.

I did have a little trouble with some extra fabric along the seams in the front, and I'm hoping using a thicker fabric next time will smooth this out:

This fabric you guys, seriously. So. Thin! Like, can't-wear-stripey-undies thin.  NSFW thin.  I work out at the mall (yes, really) teaching Stroller Strides classes and I'm not sure I can get away with wearing these there. Great for yoga in my "home studio" though...

This pattern really is a treat to sew and I'm looking forward to making more pairs with more bottom-appropriate fabric. 

Friends have you sewn activewear leggings? If you have tips, thoughts on the seam bunching, or sources for great bottom-weight performance fabric PLEASE share!


  1. I want to make my own ACTIVEWEAR. (I hadn't seen the video but now I have.)

    1. Amanda you totally should--seeing your own isn't always cheaper but in this case it absolutely is! RTW activewear is insanely overpriced...

  2. Sounds like that active wear fabric would be awesome for a top!

    1. I think that might have to be next on my list...I have at least a yard left :)