Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Cozy Hoodie I Can't Stop Wearing

Friends, I heart this sweatshirt so hard, I'm gonna have to make about a hundred more!

A rub-off from my fave Athleta sweatshirt, it's got some great features, like this collar piece that goes inside the hood...

...and this crazy-flattering waistband piece, curved to be wider in the back, and seamed towards the front instead of lining up with the side seam.

The pattern needs some adjustments before I make it again--and I WILL be making it again. The cuffs, which are ribbed on the RTW garment, are too tight to push up my arms and so are already grubby, and the collar stand might be a wee bit tall.

I've worn this baby so much it's already stained and pilled (does anyone know a great source for sweatshirt fabric that won't pill?!).

This was a fun trip to Gym America, a local gymnastics studio that has tot play a few mornings a week.

Soph snuggled up with her buddy Natalie... too cute!

Oh yeah, and in case you're thinking my pics are too peaceful for a mom of two's what it really looks like when I try to take blog pics around here...Soph is trying to get her drawing in the picture, Wes is wandering around looking for lunch.  At a low point I may have yelled "No one is getting lunch until I get these pictures so stop whining and move!"  Super effective parenting, y'all.

Friends, are you sewing anything warm and snuggley this January??

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