Thursday, January 7, 2016

Resolving to SEW IT ALL in 2016

My friends, I'm not always one for New Years resolutions, but I've been thinking about this for a while and I am super excited to make this particular resolution for 2016...

I hereby resolve to only make, and not purchase, all of my new clothing in 2016, excepting undies, socks, and jeans if they are needed.

I am too pumped for this! Truly I feel that my sewing skills have increased enough that I should be able to make anything I find myself needing, (I should be able to make jeans too, but if mine die I'm gonna give myself a pass on that one).  (On that note I might also purchase a white cardigan if mine dies, as I consider it a staple and, well, I'm making the rules here.)

You may recall that I had a brief flirtation with the Capsule Wardrobe concept last year. It was helpful to me for a time, giving structure and excitement in a time when I felt like I had "nothing to wear" on my postpartum bod. But ever since I KonMarie'd the s*** outta my wardrobe, the Capsule Wardrobe concept is a bit redundant.  I own less clothing and each addition is very intentional. I find that I won't buy anything unless it is perfect, and now that I have such a good idea of what I love, few things are "perfect" and I often buy nothing.  

Making all of my clothing will allow me to continue this journey towards a slow and intentional wardrobe that really fits my life and style, one in which I love every piece. It will get me away from "fast fashion" consumption and all of the ensuing guilt. I am especially excited to try some new challenges, including active wear and a bathing suit! 

Friends, do you have any crafting-related resolutions this year? Also, has anyone made a bathing suit and if so, do you wanna come hold my hand?!?

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