Thursday, February 25, 2016

Albion Muslin

Friends, I am so excited to dive into another ambitious project! I was totes jelly when I finished Jon's quilted wool vest last fall, and I set my sights on a winter coat for myself. I love Colette's Albion and I'm super pumped to play with it.

I made the smallest size for my muslin. I plan on using thick thinsulate for interfacing, plus a poly/wool lining, so I don't want it to be too fitted.  I think that the shoulders and chest fit nicely, but there may need to be a little extra room added to the hips.

For fabric, I hit up some swatches from Mood.  ALWAYS SWATCH, people! I got three "navy wool coating" fabrics that looked identical online and only one is really appropriate for the project:

While I had planned on navy, I threw the brown herringbone into the cart on a whim and now I think it might be the winner. The darker plaid on the right will be the lining.

And now, some more pictures of the muslin. Because I know you can't get enough of me looking like a sexy* evil scientist...


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