Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Daily Valentines for the Kids!

Friends, I am oddly geeked for v-day this year. 

The holiday that isn't a holiday, I was never one to celebrate Valentines, thinking it "forced" and "hallmark-ey".  Perhaps it's the children, or the old age, but I find myself excited about any reason to celebrate lately.

I decided to add a little love to every morning in February leading up to Valentine's, with a little love note taped to their doors each morning.  Jon and I sat down one evening and cranked them all out at once: white card stock cut into squares and stamped with hearts. 

The notes were surprisingly challenging, trying to avoid "you are pretty" and "you are smart"...and there aren't really 14 facets of a 1-year-old's personality that one can compliment, ya know? We ended up with lots of "we love reading books with you," "you are a thoughtful friend," "we love playing games with you," "you give great hugs". 

Slapped up on their door with wash tape (of course), these were a pretty quick and easy way to give some warm fuzzies to my little Valentines. 

The kids love them! Obviously it's more meaningful for Soph, Wesley just likes pulling them down and running around with them, but it's been really fun and I think we'll definitely repeat it next year. 

And it's been good for me to remember all the reasons they are awesome, these little bits of sunshine in this dreary December.

Friends, are you a Valentine's celebrator or a Valentine's hater?

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