Thursday, February 11, 2016

Green Sweater Fail

Friends, you know I like to post the fails right along with the successes.  This is another instance of right-pattern-wrong-fabric. After the too-thin leggings and the too-pilly sweatshirt, I feel like I'm on a roll and it's not a good one.  All from one big sale-order from'll teach me! 

 This emerald stuff was meant to be a "sweater knit" but it turned out to be thin, slinky, see-through rayon.  I feel like every time I order a sweater knit it ends up being way too thin.  Mama is cold! Mama wants sweaters!  Guess I'd better get to knitting...

Anyhow, I am happy with the pattern and I think with the right fabric it would be a cute one...I modified my fave tee shirt pattern, going up a size and then adding a tighter wide band at the hips instead of a hem, and adding the keyhole back.

There were also plans for bands instead of hems at the sleeves, but the act of stitching them on stretched out the fabric so much the whole deal had to be cut off! The buttons you see on the sleeves are just there to disguise the fact that I tucked the fabric to hide the stretched gaping. Grr.

Why would you make a fabric that stretches so much it is destroyed by the act of sewing it?!  Darn you sewing gods! Darn you.

Friends, what do you sew when the weather gets cold??

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