Saturday, August 13, 2016

Black and white colorblocked top

You guys I swear this is a different top from the last one I posted. Despite the fact that they look a little bit the same, they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

I drafted this top loosely using the same raglan tee pattern, creating a wide neckline, wide armhole trim that swoops up to the shoulders and continues down the sides in front and back, and facings for all. The fabric was all found in my stash--I'm trying to burn through some of the excess. The patterned fabric is a lightweight cotton--voile or quilting, I'm not awesome enough to tell. The sides are actually very dark navy chambray left over from a dress I made this summer...not yet blogged.

I'm a bit annoyed that this looks so like the other top, except it doesn't fit as well, since it was so much more work.  I mean, facings, really.

And it's a bit 1980's maternity in this shot, no?

Ah well, the quest to crank out lots of sleeveless tops (a big hole in my wardrobe I've discovered this scorching summer), continues.

Friends, what are you working on? And has anyone ever really been happy with a quilting cotton garment?

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