Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Clothesline Baskets!

You may have noticed (or, you know, maybe not) a brief 5-month interlude between posts.  Life, you know, plus I wasn't really sure anyone was listening. I was informed by a two close friends this weekend that they are silent fans, and they encouraged me to get back on the keyboard.  The comment button, friends, is not just for decoration.

Anyhow, CLOTHESLINE BASKETS have been popping up on my pinterest feed and let me tell you I am glad I jumped in! They are as fun and satisfying as you might think.  I've made two for our living room and one, at Soph's request, for her room...

This first one I made is my favorite of the batch, because nautical.

These babies really are dead easy: sew zigzag in a circle until you get the size you desire then turn up to make a 90 degree angle. The bobbin thread becomes the color you see on the outside, though I've also seen these dip-dyed, dyed in patches before sewing, and hand-painted, all of which looks gloriously fun!

Immediately upon completion of my first  basket, Sophie demanded that I make one for her room. 

The size here was determined by the remaining line I had from the skein I used for the blue basket--you can't really join new clothesline, so you're limited by what you have in a continuous length.

I experimented with the handle here, molding it up instead of leaving a space and threading a separate handle through like I did with the first one.  I like this look but it's difficult to end it without drawing attention to the awkward end of the cord just stopping (you can see where it ends in the first picture of Soph cutting the thread, right below the handle).  Of course a leather handle sewn onto the outside would be the super sexy way to go, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here...

Finally this last basket, a bit of an ugly duckling.  I'm not sure what it is that makes this one so...lumpy? I tried to go bigger, and perhaps that's just not an option, or maybe there is a mysterious method to holding clothesline tension. Ah well, it holds things and used up bobbin thread, so I'm not fussed.

And oh yeah, the home for these baskets?  Jon made some built-ins. From scratch. It's kind of a big deal.

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