Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Upcycled Plaid-and-Black Raglan

When a very old circle skirt with a plaid lining, and a black nursing tank that's no longer needed, love each other very very much, they have a raglan tee baby!

Here's the skirt, worn lining-side out which is how I generally wore it back in high school when I discovered this gem at a thrift shop. I used to pass it back and forth with a girlfriend (please don't be mad I cut it up, Emily!). It's no longer my style and I've been keeping it in a drawer for over 10 years, unable to part with it.

Upon close inspection, the plaid cotton turned out to be covered in a smattering of subtle stains, as if it lost a fight with a cup of tea. It became clear that I wouldn't have a big enough continuous piece for a top made entirely of this fabric. Enter, a plain black nursing tank, obviously no longer needed.

A quick pinterest search revealed two possible styles for a print and plain fabric sleeveless top:

(Both appear to be from stitch fix)

I chose the latter for my inspiration as I loved the shape that the print made, square on top with the semi-circle below.  I used my Emmeline pattern from The Little Tailoress for the raglan shape, heavily modifying the pattern. I shortened the sleeves and was able to cut the sleeve pieces on the hem of the tank so I didn't have to hem them (win!). I lengthened and slimmed the somewhat boxy shape of the Emmeline, and obviously added the black cutout to the front bodice. 

I was pretty nervous making this top, mostly because I had no idea how to sew something with both knit and woven fabrics. I ended up with a strange combination of straight and zigzag stitching, and finished the raw edges of the plaid with another row of zigzags. I dug out the fabrics last week and let them sit while I pinned and pondered what might work. I am so thrilled with the result!

Friends, have you upcycled old favorites?